Menu Pricing is for example purposes only. Prices often change!


Cesar Salad

Small 5 & Large 8

Classic Caesar dressing with romaine lettuce.
Fresh Grated & Sharp Parmesan.
Add Chicken to your Caesar 3

Roasted Beet Salad

Small 6 & Large 9

With butter lettuce, roasted beets, gorgonzola, and red wine vinegar dressing.

Chopped Salad

Small 6 & Large 10

Chopped romain & cabbage mix, genoa salami, gorgonzola cheese, red wine vinaigrette, roasted red peppers and red onions.

Burrata Salad 8

Burrata cheese, tomatoes, arugula, drizzled with EVO and balsamic

Arugula Salad

Small 5 & Large 9

EVO, balsamic, shaved parmesan, olives, roasted mushrooms, calamari olives, and artichoke hearts.


Prosciuto Di Parma 6

Aged 24 months. Imported prosciutto from Parma, Italy with fresh grapes. Approx. 7 slices.
Smoked Salmon Wrap 8

Goat cheese, red onions, capers, and lemon aiola in cabbage leaf.

Cheese & Olive Platter 5

Meatballs 7.99

Eggplant 7.99

Novecento Pizziolo Specialties

Gluten FREE Pizza with 2 toppings 12

Stromboli 9

Calzone 9

Naples Pizza 12

Marinara, buffalo mozzarella, basil, grated cheese, and EVO.

Smoked Salmon 13

Fresh mozzarella, aioli, capers, goat cheese, red onion, and smoked salmon after cooking.

Roma Pizza 12

White or red sauce, basil, panchetta, egg, cracked pepper, grated romano cheese.

Bianco Pizza 12

Pesto sauce, mozzarella, gorgonazola, roasted onions, topped with truffle dressed wild arugula.

Calabrese Pizza 10

Diablo sauce with hot pepper mix and spicy salami.

Dessert Pizza 12

With sweetened ricotta, vanilla, and baked with stawberry or peach jelly.

Chef Marc 12

Pesto, aiola, fresh mozzarella, gorgonzola, spinach, meatball, cherry tomatoes.

Create Your Own

Start with the base:

Margherita Pizza

Small 5.99 & Large 8.99

Marinara, fresh mozarella, basil, grated cheese, and EVO.

Classic White Cheese Pizza

Small 5.99 & Large 8.99

Fresh mozarella, basil, grated cheese, and EVO.

Fra Diavolo

Spicy marinara, fresh mozarella, basil, grated cheese, and EVO.


Additional toppings

Small .60 & Large 1

Pancetta (Italian Bacon)
House Sausage
Prosciutto di Parma 3
Coto Ham
Roased Chicken 2
Smoked Salmon 4
Roasted Onions
Roasted Peppers
Cherry Peppers
Sundried Tomato
Goat Cheese
Roasted Garlic
Basil Pesto
Ricotta Cheese
Smoked Mozararella


Fountain Soda 2.5
Domestic Beer 3.5
Bottled Soda 3
Specialty Beer 4
Red House Wine 3.5
White House Wine 3.5
Draft Beer 3.5
Bottle Water 1.5

Coffee Bar

Cappuchino 3.5
Latte 3

Espresso 2.5
Roma Style Hot Chocolate 4

Moca 3.5
Iced? Ask to make it cold.


Gelato 3
4oz serving of your choice.

Affogato 4.5
1 scoop of gelato with a shot of hot esspresso.

Canolli 3.5
2 canolli

Tiramisu 5

Nutella Cake 5